• Although we are based in Birmingham, UK, we provide software solutions both nationally and internationally. Today’s technology has made the world a much smaller place making each and every corner of the world easily accessible.

  • We have professional and diligent developers keen to design new and innovative solutions for the ever growing marketplace.

  • One of our areas of expertise is getting small businesses started with ideal software packages customised to their specific business needs. We work closely with the client to design the software, ensuring that the use of the program is not only effortless but also highly efficient in delivering the user the best possible results using the most efficient means.

  • Existing businesses may benefit from our software solutions too. We provide services of analysing existing business software and offering more streamlined solutions with added functionality to help simplify business tasks.

  • With most of our foundation software solutions being developed within 30 days, not only do we provide you with a quick turn around time, but also complete training to use your new software.
  • We also provide various after sales service contracts for any functional and/or technical difficulties you may experience using your new software. Our local and friendly support team is available for you to speak to over the phone and we guarantee you quick solutions to any issues you may be experiencing.

  • Upgrade contract options are also available whereby we offer you the option of upgrading your software to add functionality and features to it, therefore future proofing your software and ensuring that you only need one software throughout the lifetime of your business. As your business grows, so does your software!

Meet The Team



Nasir qualified from Zimbabwe with an honours degree in Computer Science, specialising in programming languages. After graduation, he established his own software company with which he worked for 5 years. When the economy in the country worsened, Nasir moved to UK in 2007 and setup Compile (UK) Limited. Since then, Nasir has expanded the company's portfolio to accomodate its growing customer base. From just a software house, Compile (UK) Limited now offers its customers branding, graphic design and animation services too.


Customer Account Manager

Kay is responsible for looking after our valued customers and has been part of our team since 2010. From helping new customers choose the right products and services for themselves to making sure our existing customers are receiving the highest standard of service that they deserve, she is usually the first point of contact for all of our customers. Kay holds a degree in Management and Accounting and in her spare time enjoys music, movies and EastEnders.


Web Developer

Bhaumik is a fairly new member to our web design and development team. Although his areas of expertise are PHP and Wordpress, he also enjoys doing graphic designing work when he gets the chance to. After graduating with a BSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering, he now has 2 years of industrial experience under his belt. Bhaumik boasts to be highly skilled at table tennis although none of us have yet seen him in action.


Graphics Designer

Deepak is responsible for all designing related initiatives. This includes designing of branding materials and content such as logo design, stationary design, advertisement campaign design and so on. He has more than 9 years of experience in designing. Deepak is currently pursuing his PhD in Visual Arts and holds a Master and Bachelor Degree in Multimedia with specialization in Graphics Design. He is a cricket fanatic and enjoys both watching and playing the sport.


Animation & Game Designer

Stephanie earned an Associates of Applied Science in 3D Animation and Game Design along with an Associates of Arts in Business. She has been working in the industry for the past three years developing a variety of motion graphics, animations, and other multimedia. She currently handles projects for a variety of clients including small business, start-ups, and charities. Stephanie is a Christian who is also a geek that enjoys playing video games and boards games.


Mobile App Developer

Vishal is a young, up and coming software developer, who enjoys exploring the world of Mobile App Development. Being a recent graduate, he still seems to enjoy learning, and showing off new concepts and technologies in this arena. Currently he is areas of expertise are Angular 2, Ionic 3, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript & of course Android & iOS development.

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